Thursday, 24 May 2012

Free Form Purple Sea Sediment Jasper

Sea sediment Jasper is gorgeous and even a little mysterious. I searched Google for a definition to include here and while there are a few comments to say it is apparently not jasper, there is little confirmation of what it actually is instead.

I don't mind not knowing what stone it is because I love the mottled veins, spots and detail. Each piece has its own personality which is why I found these free form beads particularly individualistic and pleasing. Sea sediment Jasper comes in a variety of dyed colours and shapes usually highly polished focal beads are more widely available. A departure from blue I had great fun creating these.

Did you know that like orange and silver no true word rhymes with purple?

But I digress, the bold patterns of the focal bead have small flecks that the liquid gold glass and copper accent beads compliment. Teamed with antique toggle clasp to complete the rich colours reminiscent of Byzantine jewellery.


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