Sunday, 1 July 2012

Race for Life Blackheath 01 July 2012

Just a quick post to say I did it! Those who know me know that running is not something usually associated with me. I started to train for Race for Life as I wanted to run it but then we took 2 children into our care and they are so much work that I just ran around after them all day! In running after, and around, our foster children I sprained my ankle 3 weeks before the event, but I was determined to do it so I strapped it tight, took painkillers and am sure to regret it tomorrow! This is my running number, my message, medal and the gerbera they were selling to raise more funds.

I am chuffed to say I ran over half the 5km and walked the rest in honour of my dad who passed away November 2011. I took 37 minutes to complete my race.

Here is my dad in May 2011 and by early November he was gone.

I know that nothing can bring him back but any money raised hopefully can help those with cancer and those who will be told they have cancer.

Here is my page if anyone wants to make a donation however small, it will be gratefully received by those who need the research to find a cure for this awful disease.

All credit to those fighting cancer and to those who are trying to find a cure and if anyone thinks they want to do Race for Life go for it, it was a lovely day and a very achievable distance.

A special thank you to my team for cheering me on and supporting me, I couldn't have done it without you!

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