Hi thanks for stopping by! My name is Terry and I live in London, UK with my hubby Phil, son Malachy and 2 Persian cats.

Although British born my family moved to South Africa when I was 3 so I grew up in sunshine, warmth and wide open spaces - how I miss that! Anyone who has been to Africa will understand what I mean when I say Africa becomes a part of you.

I have always enjoyed creativity, tried a variety of crafts and collected many treasures that my family mistakenly call clutter.

Dichroic Fused glass is my ongoing passion. It was on a trip to Venice that I fell in love with the art of glass and a few years later I went on a course to learn how to fuse glass. I hated the course! My tutor was impatient and dismissive, he didn't like what I wanted to create and wasted no time in letting everyone know. I came away certain I would never do anything like that again.

However in the ensuing weeks my mind went into overdrive with design ideas and I just HAD to get some glass. The bug bit, hard, and I became obsessed. A lot of my knowledge was gained from trial and error but now I understand glass, how it likes to be treated and what it will do in different conditions. That was many years ago and the vibrant colours, striking patterns and tactile nature of glass as a medium still holds an endless fascination for me.

I love to share my ideas, experiments, glass work, knowledge and other random snippets here and hope you enjoy sharing your thoughts too!