Monday, 23 May 2011

Novelty Cupcake cufflinks

Quite a while back I was asked to make a pair of cupcake picture tile cufflinks for a groom. The customer was very pleased with their cufflinks I am happy to say and as it was the first time I had a cupcake request so I added ‘novelty’ cufflinks to my website to accommodate any other themes people might want.

They have proved extremely popular, especially the cupcakes! I am sending a pair off to Australia today. I have been so busy of late that I have neglected my blogging and other online networking that I thought I would do a quick blog post.

If you know someone who loves something a little quirky, different , very personal or commemorative I can make cufflinks, earrings and pendants to order with your picture, motto or design (clean, family friendly pictures only please!) I can’t do copyright images or logos, unless it is your own. 

I also sell the clear glass tiles for inchies and tile pendants for those who want to make their own too. These are hand cut from 3mm clear art glass, no nasty green tinges here! The edges are gently softened in the kiln before being properly annealed and cleaned. They have a slightly textured back which ‘disappears’ when the image is applied.These pictures show the textured back as they are just placed over the image to show clarity and smooth edges unlike the cufflinks which show no texture.

Any size glass tile for jewellery such as pendants, cufflinks and earrings available, please just ask. Perhaps you want the edges less angular and more softened, that is possible too. Personally I prefer a more rounded, organic shape to my pendants but that may just be me!  
To date I have only made and sold the clear tiles on request but as requests seem to be increasing I am going to add them to Etsy, Folksy and my website soon.


Beadwright said...

Ohhh I so had this invisioned WRONG. I love the cup cakes very nice.

Ali said...

These are great Terry. No wonder they are so popular.

Ali x

Aviya Glass said...

Thank you both! Nicole I would love to hear what your original thoughts were! x

Novelty Cufflinks said...

I really like the cufflinks, but perhaps there a little feminine for a man to wear?

Aviya Glass said...

It's personal choice which is why you can have any picture you like. Cupcakes are just what seems to be in demand at present.

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