Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Window Clings! My newest craft adventure

It all started with a trip to Hobbycraft 2 weeks ago. Browsing Hobbycraft is a dangerous and expensive pastime, but it was an emergency - the visit, not the browsing, as I needed a few glass beads to finish off an order. It was during the dangerous browsing session that I came across peelable paints for making window clings and was intrigued.

I am never able to leave with just what I went in for, I had pondered glass paints a few times and wanted to have a go but didn't really know where to start. The peelable paints seemed like a bit of fun so I bought a few colours. 

My parents were over from South Africa and being Boston Terrier fans I made them a window cling. I had asked them to give me pictures of their Boston Terriers to make it a bit more personal but they didn't provide me with any pics I could work with so I improvised and made this little guy.

As a first attempt I am pleased and think he came out rather well, loads of room for improvement of course! I am now hooked on peelable window clings, have bought a 31 colour set and plan to spend this week, I hope, making some colourful designs for my fair here on Sunday 19th June which also happens to be Fathers Day.

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Shpangle said...

Brilliant first attempt! I so want to have a go with them and may well pop down to my local craft store to see if they have got any...look out windows here I come!