Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Swizzle sticks and a Yacht!

I have been meaning to make some swizzle sticks for a while. Their more mundane name is drinks stirrer.
The sun is shining and although it's not quite 'cocktails in the summer sun' just yet I thought these might brighten up a drink or 2!

I think they will be a really nice alternative for wedding favours so I am currently looking for pretty gift, presentation boxes for them.

These 2 are my faves. I love all the juicy bubbles around of the copper heart! What other colours do you think will look good?

As just for something completely different a yacht! I love making pictures out of glass and after my fish picture I went in search of suggestions - this is one of them. I am going to put this in a small frame which will be a perfect gift for any little boys who love boats or going sailing. I can put any name on the boat!

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Beadwright said...

I like swizzle sticks better. These are so very nice.