Monday, 5 April 2010

From Dot to dot to fused glass panel

I have been looking at stained glass patterns for ages now as stained glass is on my 'to do' list but I didn't really find a picture I liked. After a visit to the dentist I popped into a £ shop, on the way back to the car, to look for a colouring in book, and amongst all the tat I came across this picture in a dot to dot book.
Much to my son's mortification I bought the book and told him I was going to make a glass picture.
As you can see it's not even a proper dot to dot picture although several others I tore out are. 

I traced the picture (because I am rubbish at drawing) onto thin fire paper so that once assembled it could go straight into the kiln with minimal disturbance, nothing annoys me more than random bits of glass bouncing off from a carefully assembled piece. Having used seed beads I knew they wouldn't all be stuck down.
Here is the piece assembled and waiting to go in the kiln
here is the end result against a white background

against a window with light shining through
against a blue background
I wanted to keep the slightly comical look so gave the fish kissy lips. The seed beads were an excellent way to add fragments of different colour and texture without messing with shards of glass. I will definitely use them in more pics.

This panel is 17.5cms x 18cms. Do I keep it as a freestanding panel or do I frame it?


Moonbeam Angel said...

I think this is brilliant. I love the expression on the fish. Wonderful work. I think keep it as it is, don't frame it.

Shpangle said...

Brilliant idea!

I also agree. Keep it as it is and don't frame it.


Beadwright said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!! This is a great idea. The end result is amazing. Great job.