Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Pets, Kids, Summer holidays

Well the cats have settled down a bit more with Bella.
Pets have also proved rather expensive this month - they are so lucky we love them loads. We had Bella booked into the vet to get 'fixed' but she had an 'event' before then and so we have had to postpone - oh joy! She was totally mortified with her hygiene pants but posed very well in

Valentine hurt his paw and had to be rushed to the vet - antibios and anti inflams - he shrieked so loudly the vet thought he had a broken leg but it was only a cut pad gone bad. He is so fluffy we didn't know anything was wrong until he was holding it up and shrieking - poor boy.

Then booster vacs and flea treatment all round. On adopting Bella some unwelcome 'guests' have also turned up and now we have to get them all flea treated - Thanks Bella!!

When we go out Bella 'adopts' my garden shoes and actually sleeps on them - brave, brave girl!

All this and a son off for 7 weeks means I have done very little in the way of fused glass although I have been working on designs for a range of fine silver jewellery. Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!
I got so involved in some design work that I went to bed very late the other night and then woke up at 4am??? 3 hours sleep? Why would I punish myself like that? I really should only be aware of one 4 o'clock' and it's pm!
I have a few fairs coming up and so I really need to get my A into G!

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