Wednesday, 26 August 2009

In an English Urban garden

Here are a few of the inhabitants of our garden. We love animals and all of Creation so we don't use any chemicals or other poisonous substances and we have various areas of chopped branches and other havens for small creatures and birds.
This means we do land up with loads to see just outside when gardens around us are fairly devoid of creatures, if more manicured.
We always wondered why this feeder got emptied yet we never saw any birds on it - culprits have been found and captured on camera! Can anyone identify this character?
I am scared of spiders and even felt brave taking a picture of these - I couldn't bring myself to get closer for a macro shot although the markings are beautiful. I admire their dexterity, shape and form and yet they send shivers down my spine.

My fave is bumblebees but here are 2 other insects I captured
The birds are of course an endless delight and the cats spend hours watching them through the door - we call it Cat TV.
An English garden without a robin - unthinkable! So cute and friendly, they will even sit on your foot or spade if you are digging up their fave worms - I haven't yet managed to be digging, have a robin on my foot and take a pic so this little guy is eating some of the bread and seeds we throw out dailyLast but not least Mr Greedy!


Carolee Crafts said...

I love seeing all the wildlife, we have badgers that forage in the lawn, not got a pic yet as very nocturnal. Lovely to see the rest though and your pic's are very very good.

HollybirdBeads said...

You're brave taking pics of the spiders, not sure I would be able to!! Your little bird feeder thief kind of looks like a dormouse to me but I'm not an expert - he's a very cute thief though!