Thursday, 6 August 2009

Introducing Bella

We last had a staffie 5 years ago, she died of old age and it was so traumatic for OH and my son we have avoided getting another dog. However OH loves dogs and so we revisited that idea and after many unsuccessful attempts at both rescue and buying a suitable pup we have offered a new home to Bella. She is 18 months old and a real sweetie! One of the priorities of course was a dog that loves or at least tolerates cats and most rescue places said no to cats and staffs. Bella was living with 3 very young cats and ignored them totally so we were assured that she would ignore our very scaredy cats.
However the same can't be said for our cats. We hadn't warned them of an imminent dog invasion, nor had we got their permission to bring another pet into our home.
Moppet took one look made a hasty retreat upstairs and has refused even to say hello. Valentine took an opposite view, he growled spat and hissed and through it all Bella ignored him.
Here are some of the pics. they look at bit more 'aggy' than they actually were. Bella trying desperately hard to ignore the cat and Valentine refusing to be ignored!

I think it's an excellent start after a few hours..... don't you?

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