Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It's been a while since my last post........

I love making stuff and I love talking about it but updating my blog and website get neglected from time to time. I have no excuse at the moment as my darling son is in Switzerland with the Scouts although OH took time off so we have been spending time together. Usually most conversation goes on about how, when and where we have to get our son to his social commitments but we have been delightfully unstructured and chilled!

We booked the cats into their holiday chalet for 2 weeks and contemplated our first child free holiday in 12 years. We planned to just book something last minute and go where the mood took us .............. but we lost our nerve. Imagine being somewhere fab loving the sea, sun and sand and getting a call to be back in the UK cos something had happened to M - we just couldn't bear it.
So we can be physically child free but never ever again totally free. We miss him loads of course and talk about him all the time.

We did go to visit the fabulous and extraordinarily skilled MuranoSilver for a course. Have a look at her blog to see some of the things we made. These photos are linked from Murano Silver blog by copying the image location. Nicola is a great teacher, very generous with her time and knowledge. How else could we have created these in a single day????

It was the best fun and I have loads of ideas for things to make.

Here are a few other things I have been up to................
I was asked to make cupcake cufflinks for a wedding. What a cute idea! I spent ages looking for just the right cupcakes (any excuse to shop) and made a few for the lovely bride to be to choose from. I did make some out of fused glass but they looked all blobby and more like ice creams than cupcakes and not very appetising ones at that - there is no photographic evidence of those!

I am not saying which ones were decided on..........

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