Sunday, 12 July 2009

Steampunk Rock Guitar Collage

My son loves anything mechanical and is clearly born in the wrong era because, although only 12, loves rock music and electric guitars. His fave is the Gibson Flying V. Trying to get him something original for his birthday is not easy - he got all the usual PSP/xbox games etc - but when I stumbled across steampunk an idea came to mind to create something for him that combines my love for him with his love of engines, guitars and RED.

I searched high (and low!) for a picture of a Flying V but could not find one anywhere so, after asking for help on CF, I bought a poster of the Solo guitar.
Although I had visualised my concept it took me quite a while to decide (aka procrastinating) how to proceed and even more hours creating it. I had loads of fun and although I had never done something like this my son was thrilled with it - I did have to explain that although it is 3D the strings are NOT for strumming.

I know I could have painted it but I wanted to make a collage so I cut the guitar out of the poster and attached it to the canvas with double sided tape. I bought some steampunk items from USA and a few broken clocks from UK and used jewellery wire for the frets and strings. Cilit Bang works a treat cleaning up old stuff!

I learnt loads while doing it and so if/when I do another steampunk collage not only will it get done quicker but better too. I painted the background like faded denim and created a 'night sky' around the sign. Fingerprints were a nuisance, I washed my hands loads of times and even though they were covered in Cilit Bang at times there were still prints on the red guitar! I had many a worrying moment deciding whether to try and remove them or if that would ruin the picture. In the end I used 96% alcohol which I have (for medicinal purposes only) and it worked a treat.

Most things like housework, my blog and cooking fell by the wayside as I collated this work - any excuse really but that's the one I am sticking with! It was my son's birthday on Thursday and now that he has the picture I can show it to everyone else. Let me know what you think!


Rita said...

Oh!! that is AWESOME!!!!
fantastic work. xxxx Rita

Nicola said...

Woooah that IS stunning!
I bet he is completely chuffed to bits with that!
Nic x

Anonymous said...

Sticking some cogs on doesn't make it steampunk.