Tuesday, 9 June 2009

All creatures great and small

Well a few of them anyway. I have been experimenting with different shapes and sizes of glass items to learn more about the way glass behaves. Cats are my favourite animal, whether domestic or wild. These 2 'love cats' are of the domestic variety but in wild colours! They are fantasy cats and their only basis on reality is their shape - this is why I have done a view of them looking away rather than create a realistic face with a crazy body. I am having some wooden stands made so they can be displayed nicely. They would also work hanging from a wall on a D hook.

Below are 2 dragonflies with irridescent wings - many of these did not turn out well as their wings are notoriously difficult to keep attached to the body during the fusing process - I am going to try some butterflies but tack fused ones instead.
Tack fusing is the result of taking the glass up to fuse temperature but instead of holding it there until the glass fuses fully you only wait a few minutes to allow the glass to 'stick' together, the edges soften but retain their cut shape.
I don't think I have explained that really well so pop back soon to see the results.
I am terrified of spiders, even the smallest ones - I think it is due to the way they move. Fortunately I don't come across many in this country but despite my fear they are beautiful in detail, shape and structure. While in the natural world none are this colourful they are definitely works of art. This one evokes mixed feelings, fear based on shape but beautiful in colour. If one this size came anywhere near me though, however beautiful, I would in a total panic!

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Nicola said...

WOW - love the spider :)
The legs are amazing, if I'd tried that they would've ended up seperated!