Thursday, 9 April 2009

I went birdwatching!

I don't have any finished work to show for the moment. I have just received the ACEO blanks I bought and clear sleeves as I want to have a go at this art form.
I have also been busy preparing for Passover as well as having hubby off work and son off school which restricts craft time - but not in a bad way!
We did however go birdwatching at RSPB Rainham Marsh. I would not have dreamt of ever doing such a thing even a few years ago but OH has got me interested in birds and when you stop to take a look there is so much to see. This is only my second birdwatching trip but I will be going on more.
Rainham is not a very pretty site and I was not expecting much to be honest - a friend who went with us said we would see in excess of 40 different birds and actually we saw 46 types! Here are some pics, not the best photography - for the reason (excuse), read on......
Ok not technically a bird but very beautiful all the same
We had a wonderful day, the weather although windy was dry, can't really stretch to say sunny, and I have discovered I need a super duper mega lens for my camera - you know the kind that can take a picture of a skylarks eyelashes from 500 feet away!
This is a Reed Bunting, apparently they don't usually sit still enough to take a pic
These cute little Gold Finches were at the feeders near the entrance, I guess it's cheating to feed them and then take pics but they were such fun to watch while we ate our sarnies!
Gorgeous colours on this Lapwing!
This little Green Finch has a twisted beak poor mite!
Watervoles are being successfully reintroduced and this guy is soooo cute!
A cheeky Wren landed on the boardwalk a few metres from us, really difficult to take a shot and sadly I didn't get a proper focus before it fluttered off.


Caz said...

Lovely! I'm from Rainham origionally but never knew such wonderful wildlife lived their too! said...

good morn..

beautiful pic's ..
love your little finch's
so cute...
mona & the girls

Nicola said...

Fabulous pictures we just get sparrows on our bird feeders.
(but we still love them)
Nic xx