Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A few new designs and a fox

It's afternoon now so no more April Fool's jokes please! Here are some new earrings I have made. I have been experimenting with different ideas for staging and photography, would love some feedback - good bad or indifferent!These 2 pendants I made last week, this style is always very popular - the first one has already been sold. I have tried to show how beautifully they sparkle in the sun.

On the home front 'our' fox has been treated, they named him Terry, he had severe mange and the Fox Project delivered a trap to my home to enable me to catch him. Once caught they took him away, treated him and here he is being released. Although he still looks grim he has no mange and his fur will grow back. Now there is one less animal in pain and less chance to pass this misery on.
Foxes are territorial, it is important that they go back where they came from. I know not everyone is keen on foxes but I would much rather feed them than throw any leftover food in the bin to rot. They are here whether I feed them or not and I love watching them in the garden. Mange is a mite that burrows into their skin and causes untold suffering and eventually death unless treated and the Fox Project is doing a wonderful job. Please support them if you can.


Stripy Socks said...

Your jewellery is beautiful!!! I love the first couple especially with the hearts and chain always looks so elegant dangling like that... wonderful!

... and BIG HUGS for helping the wee fox, not many people would :( Here's hoping he gets all his fur back and is back up to full health real soon!

rocksforfrocks said...

i love the earrings and the photography! poor foxy