Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Who hates London traffic?..... I do!

I attended a lovely craft fair at Trafalgar Infant School in Twickenham. Very Christmassy and just such a lovely atmosphere. The organisers had really done an excellent job and everything ran very smoothly…………
Well except for getting there – my estimated time to get there was an hour but in fact it took me 2 hours 15 mins!
Traffic was to blame and I landed up arriving there with 10 mins to set up before opening. Nothing like a good old sit in the traffic to improve your mood and I was tempted to give up and go home but I had made a commitment. I knew it would not be fair to the organisers to be a no-show and it certainly wouldn’t do my reputation any good either.
I am so glad I stuck it out as I had a great time.
Today I am making some orders that I received from there, will post pics later xx

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Welcome to Blogging Terry
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