Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tricky to photograph!

Here is a pendant set I made to order. I wish it was easier to show the beauty of dichroic glass in a photograph !
These are a lot more pink than the pic shows although the glass is blue when it goes into the kiln!

I plan to make some earrings from these…..

On a slightly different note......Valentine alerted me to a dilemma of note, his food bowl was empty! Not only was it empty but the refill tin was too!
He looked at me with a piteous face as only a Persian can do and waved his paw at the bowl!
What could I do? I rushed straight out to get some more food. The thing is Pets at Home is next to…………… Hobbycraft.
Well it doesn’t harm to have a look, or does it? I managed to find loads of things I just had to have! It’s all Valentines fault.

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MaygreenFairies said...

Hi Terry,
Great seeing you today! I adore the colours you create in your work, absolutely stunning. I especially adore the ring I purchased from you today.... GORGEOUS!!

Hugs, Mandy x