Friday, 20 July 2012

Handbag Charm Dangle End of School Year Gifts for Teachers

I have had little to no time to do any crafting, blogging or glass work as I am fostering to very young, globally delayed, boys. They suck up time and energy like no other children we have cared for and most days I can barely remember my name, but on the plus side they are making huge progress!

Enough of my woes, one of them has been going to nursery for 3 hours a day for a few weeks now and is loving it, so I made the teachers a thank you gift to acknowledge all their hard work with this very challenging child.

I found out their favourite colours (I know their names) so hopefully they will love these personalised handbag charm dangles.
The little guy took great delight in presenting his gifts, which made it all worthwhile.

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quiltmom said...

The charm dangles are beautiful- as a teacher, I would have been very touched by your very thoughtful gift.
It is not always easy being a parent but I would not have traded being a mom for anything. He is our greatest gift and most treasured. They grow up very fast..
Thanks for sharing your lovely work.
Regards, Anna