Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mixed Media Canvas for Sarah

I have a son, as gorgeous and wonderful as he is, I haven't really had the excuse to indulge in anything really girly. 
This is for the cutest, little girl who is always smiling.
Her name is Sarah (obviously) and I hope she likes it.
Her mum is very much into pink and I can't see Sarah being any different.
The canvas is 30cms x 24cms painted in acrylic and sealed with acrylic varnish.
I bought plain letters and added the bling to them - very finicky but fun.

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julietk said...

Hi Terry thanklyou for following my blog I look forward to your comments in future :-) I have only 1 son, and had no girls to spoil :-) I tried to give my niece girly things but she is such a tomboy it didn't please her so I gave up trying. Beautiful flower photos above. Bye for now Juliet