Thursday, 4 June 2009

Why is Colour be so emotive?

This was a question on CF 'Colour bias or colour hatred'. It got me to thinking…….
What is colour? Definition - is a property of things that results from the particular wavelengths of light which they reflect or give out, producing a sensation in the eye. That says nothing about the way colour makes us FEEL!
There are colours I love and colours I don't like but hate? A very strong word and I didn't really think about it until I realised there are colours I object to and others I just point blank avoid.
Pink is one of them! I don’t mean in Nature because I love flowers, flamingos, shells and sunsets but I think I dislike it intensely because it seems that people who like pink want everything in pink. In my opinion it signifies a lack of originality ( I know the same can be said for my preference for blue!) As a redhead it's not a colour I wear and when summer comes round - ok the promise of summer by the fashions in store - everything is in pink - I see clothes I would love 'if only they weren't pink! So perhaps in a sense I resent pink because it’s not for me – wow an embarrassingly selfish point of view!
Well that may partly be true but my avoidance of pink goes a long way back. My dad once made me a toilet roll holder, it was a wooden cat with its tail in the air and the roll went in the middle – I adored it, the style, the cute expression on the cats face but he painted it PINK! I was devastated, it didn’t match anything I had, my dad is not someone I could have asked to change the colour without him taking offense, I could have changed it myself but I knew I would never get that cute expression back or do anywhere as near a good job as he had.
As his daughter why didn’t he know I hate pink, why didn’t he ask what colour I would have liked? Why of all the colours under the sun did he choose that one? Ok lime green wouldn’t have been fab I grant you but PINK?????

SO why is colour so emotive? Am I unfair to base decisions I make on the feelings a colour brings out in me? I consider myself to be a ‘girlie girl’. I like sparkly things, shopping, girly movies and books and all things fluffy but I cannot get on with pink! And I don’t like the lack of choice I feel I am given. I can take control and design in my fave colours but I often get asked ‘Do you have that in pink?’ And when I do make pink stuff it sells! Sales are good, definitely but that makes my creative outlet become expressed in a colour that annoys me!
I have decided though that the problem must of course be me because the shops would not be full of pink if it didn’t sell, although I do not have to follow the masses I do have to realise that if I am the only one not wanting pink then that issue rests with me and I should accept pink as a part of life so here are a few items I have designed (without being asked) in pink………

I have also done some things in red as this was another colour that seemed to evoke strong negative emotions and connotations with cheap/tacky. Although these are not items one can wear these are designed with the express intention of getting out of an anti pink/red frame of mind and hopefully extending my creativity.

And where would I be without one or 2 in my fave colours????

Would love to hear your thoughts! xx


Giggles said...

Interesting post. I say embrace our differences. I have never been a blue person, yet my child is. So now I embrace it lovingly. My mother on the other hand thought anyone who didn't like blue but preferred green was wrong. Hence many of our differences. I chose to agree to disagree...letting us individually enjoy different taste! Blue and orange clothing aren't flattering on me, whereas pink is. I decorate with orange because I love it. I have actually painted a large area greeny blue. Now Beige is not my friend....can't wear it, don't want it in my environment, however many of my friends wear it quite stylishly!! Red is powerful and I love it over brown for me!! For the most part I love all color save beige!! Great post!!

Hugs Giggles...lover of purple, black and green!

Giggles said...

Oh Amazing glass pieces any colored glass!! One of my weaknesses....I have many pieces!!