Monday, 11 May 2009

Art Gecko

My son made a gecko at school that is very cute and we are going to hang / place on the wall in a corner like just as a real gecko would sit (kinda).
Here is the one my son did ..... it is clay, has been fired, vandalised, fixed, painted and varnished. Several works from the class were hacked by an unknown vandal and this is at Grammar School urgh! There is only one 'injury' still visible but this poor guy lost his head and all limbs.
I think he has recovered very well though.....I love the shape of gecko's and other creatures so it got me to thinking I could do one in glass..... OH didn't say a thing. Afterwards he told me he scoffed and thought 'Dreamer' but was pleasantly surprised - I am not sure which way to take that but never mind!

and here is mine before it went in the kiln - I took a pic in case it didn't turn out so well (OK so I didn't have masses of faith in me either)
I drew an outline on a piece of shelf liner and then cut bits of black glass and pieced them together a bit like a puzzle only with no guiding picture! Once I had the basic gecko I then decorated him.....
He had lovely long fingers and toes at this stage but they reduced during firing, next time I will make sure his toes stay long.
The first trip through the firing process was partly successful but he clearly needed some 'work'. Lots of lessons learned!
I didn't really like his body colour so I cut out the middle, changed it, then back to the kiln......
He STILL had some gaps where the glass had shrunk back to reveal a rather poorly front right arm and a hole in his head which can't be good for his health so I added some more black glass, refired him and here is the end result.
Until now I have only made glass jewellery pieces which are small and easily manageable.
This is my first attempt at a free form art glass sculpture, I think he turned out okay! What do you think?

OH coined the phrase 'Art Gecko' to which I groaned but it has stuck, just like an annoying tune, so Art Gecko he will stay.
I have been working with crinkilized dichro and will have some pics in my next post ......


JanJ said...

I think he's absolutely fab Terry, I really do, stunning piece of work

Jan xx

Nicola said...

I think you need to sell him to me!!! :) :) :)
Or swap him for some Jewellery??
:D :D
Love him and if you ever start a range can I be one of your first customers please?

Nic xx

cardsepecially4you said...

have awarded your blog the "honest scrap award" to view the award and keep this fab award going please visit my blog

Glamglass said...

I think he is just wonderful!!! Love him!!

Gail Burton said...

He's gorgeous!! You will have to start selling these - soon!

Gail x