Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring is bursting with colour!

Signs of Spring are all around - beautiful daffodils, birds singing their hearts out and, at the moment glorious blue skies, and some, very welcome, warmth from the sun. This got me thinking what I could add to the mix and these cute rings are the result.

Adjustable Tibetan silver filigree rings each with an individual fused glass cabochon will add a pop of colour to any outfit. I have loads of glass colours so if you don't see the shade you want let me know.

Done just in time for my stall on Thursday night, 29th March, a pamper evening at Langely Park School for Girls so will only be available on my website on Friday.

The photos aren't as great as they could be because I took them too late today but I would love your comments please! 

Let's hope the sun continues to shine so gloriously! 

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