Thursday, 9 February 2012

These Bunnies need help!

I haven't blogged in ages, decided to showcase this good cause and thought it a perfect way to restart my blog.
It is so enjoyable to see what people create so I always ask to see what people make with my clear glass inchie tiles if they have the time and inclination to show me! An order on Etsy from Italy prompted my curiosity as usual as these are for such a good cause that I asked Martina if I could feature her on my blog. This is what Martina has to say.....

Hello! We are a group of volunteers that take care of abandoned rabbits in our region. Our name is "Rabbit Rescue Firenze".

Our last story... In December 18, we found a mother rabbit and her 5 babies (also called kits or kittens!)abandoned in the middle of a roundabout in the middle of a street near Florence.

One day a girl (me: Martina) who lives nearby, saw them and realised how dangerous it was for them to live there!
She has warned other friends, that sometimes help the unlucky rabbits, and they came and recovered all the family and brought them to safety.

January 14, the surprise! the mother rabbit gave birth to three other baby bunnies!

Today the first 5 bunnies are big enough to be ADOPTED, and 2 have already been adopted! The other 3 are still too young to be adopted, they have to live with their mother a bit more.

To be able to afford the sustenance of this big rabbit family, we created a small no-profit market, funds are only for their food, health care, vaccines etc.

It's important: never to neglect a rabbit. We have rescued many rabbits, but unfortunately sometimes they died shortly after, or are now seriously ill. Before buying a rabbit... there are many things to know about them! People should be well informed and be prepared to take care of them properly.

If sterilised, a rabbit, can use the litter box like a cat,.
Rabbits can become very affectionate! A rabbit is a perfect pet, hope you love them.
Thanks to your support :)


and these are 2 of her super cute key rings.

I hope you raise lots of money to save unfortunate bunnies Martina!

The link is in Italian but please contact Martina if you can help, even in the tiniest way, as her English is very good!
If anyone else wants to be featured please let me know!

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