Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Zero Calorie Cupcake

Oh how I wish! Yes this cupcake is really fat free but not quite as tasty as one might hope.

Part of my range of mini glass painted pictures in rustic wood frames for the fair I am exhibiting at on Sunday, 17th, July at Chevening Estate in support of EllenorLions Hospice.

I am hoping they will be popular, affordable year end teacher presents or a gift for those who dream in cupcakes!

If you are able to come along and support this worthy cause that would be fantastic.
17th July. Sunday 2pm - 5:30pm Summer Spectacular!
Chevening Gardens, The Chevening Estate, Sevenoaks, TN14 6HG

1 comment:

Shpangle said...

Not sure what enticed me to click on 'zero calorie cupcake' but it does look good enough to eat and has given me the cravings now!

Good luck with the fair!