Monday, 4 July 2011

An apple for the Teacher gift - a glass picture

Long gone are the days when you could give an apple to the teacher to show your appreciation for their hard work all year. Teachers deserve loads of thanks for all they do but it has become such a competitive 'gift' process now and is far less about 'the thought' than about the gift. I do pity those poor parents with several kids and therefore lots of teachers to thank.

I have seen lots of apple related gifts recently so thought I would add mine to the mix.

A cute mini frame with a delicious looking apple that wont attract wasps! It can also be personalised with a teacher's name if required.

I met Alicat at Danson Park Show this weekend. We usually go along to help out at RSPB as it is down the road. I saw on Ali's blog, I think, that she was going to be there. I love her work so took the opportunity to say hi to someone I know 'virtually' through CF.
It's always nice to put a face to a name and Ali got to meet the person behind the CF fluffy grey and white cat!

Ali's work is gorgeous, so much more so 'in person' and being as experienced as she is there are no bubbles in her work! She very kindly gave me some tips for my attempts and also has given me a really good idea, which I wont reveal yet, but am keen to give a go!

Happy Handmade Monday, pop along and see some more gorgeous makes here


Ali said...

It was lovely to meet you too, Terry & thanks for your kind comments on my work (I have been practising a long time!!)

I love your apple picture - was keen to see if after you told me this was going to be your blog post today and I am not disappointed! The frame is stunning and really shows off your painting well.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the 'secret' idea!

Ali x
Ali's Craft Studio

Wendy said...

the apple is lovely! I'm sure any teacher would be pleased to receive it. It's always fab to put faces to online names! x

Caroline Lovis said...

This is a lovely gift for a teacher. The design is clean and simple and the frame is gorgeous.

Ros Made Me said...

I think you might have solved many a parents problem with your lovely apple - it is delightful!

Kat Shenton said...

What a lovely idea. It looks really good in that frame too.

fatmonica said...

It's lovely.That red is so vibrant!

Carolee Crafts said...

Love the apple pic and agree as with most gifts the thought has gone out of it, such a shame.

Kazies Magical Designs said...

The apple picture is lovely and how nice to meet up with a fellow blogger i would love to do that xxx

cj - Curious Cat Creative said...

The apple is great fun :) How nice you were able to meet up with Ali

quiltmom said...

HI Terry,
It is a wonderful apple picture, Terry. I would have been touched to receive this lovely apple as a teacher's gift. Most teachers I know, do not expect presents at year's end. It is a lovely thing to do to show appreciation. I really enjoy the gifts that the comes from the heart- the hand drawn cards and pictures and notes from Parents that say Thanks. For me,its not about whether things cost money.
I work in a school with families that do not have extra money. It would make me feel bad if they spent money on something for me.
Thanks again for the blogging award.

Aviya Glass said...

Thank you all for such lovely comments, I have put this picture on Etsy and my website. You are so right Anna, I should have been clear about the gifts which are given in the wrong way. It's the parents who try and outdo each other each year to impress each other and forget what a good job the teacher is doing and the real reason for giving a gift of thanks!

Polly Polkadot said...

Lovely apple picture and lovely to hear the story with it.

Uhooi said...

Wow,, It works great and creative,,

Martha said...

yummy apple in a lovely wooden rustic fame :) cute pic!