Monday, 27 June 2011

Window Clings and stained glass effects using peelable paint

A while ago I posted about my first attempt at a window cling, of a Boston Terrier, using peelable paint. I should have started with something simple so I went back to basics and have been exploring with different colours and pictures, nothing I can actually use around my house, just pictures I liked and thought would be fun to paint ..... and they were! I am sure the butterfly will find a window or mirror to settle on though.

Still learning the ropes with this technique but it is quite addictive! The paint are opaque and milky and then just become so pretty when they are dry! I like that randomness about it, or perhaps it's more down to my lack of knowledge on these paints but at the moment the finished results continue to make me smile and who doesn't need to smile?
From this ..........

to this

Air bubbles - urgh I could do without them! Just when I think I have a bubble free picture I see them, tiny, but very annoying! I chase them round with a toothpick, taking delight in popping them, and seeing a smooth paint surface. What that says about me I probably don't want to know! Answers on a toothpick please!

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Wendy said...

They're definitely bright and cheery and make me want to smile, bubbles or no bubbles! I think all that toothpick action would drive me crazy, you have my admiration! x

Carolee Crafts said...

Lovely designs terry, had to laugh at your toothpick the things crafters get up to.

Ali said...

Totally agree about how addictive these are - I started making them about 20 years ago and have now built my business around them!! (Hmm, turned into a really expensive hobby!!)

Those little bubbles are really annoying and take ages to get rid of properly (aaargh!)

Your newly finished designs are going to look lovely in your windows with this bright sunshine.

Ali x
Ali's Craft Studio

Picto said...

These will look lovely with this great sunshine shining through.
The colours are really lovely. Well done, it's always good to learn something new.

Jan x

madewithloveuk said...

Love the bright bold colours, the kite is my favourite x

fatmonica said...

They're great!I love the colours and i think I'd be the same with a toothpick if I saw bubbles too!

Sam Findlay said...

These look great, I love them all but my favourite is the tulip! Also thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

itsamistry said...

Those are great and I love the bright colours. The butterfly has to be my favourite - I have a collection of butterfly ATC's that have been made specially for me (ATC's = Artist Trading Cards).

Your Friend Susie said...

They look wonderful! Funny that you mentioned bubbles, I was all done with my jars and today I noticed bubbles in one of them. Oh well, they are rustic. ;)

Adien Crafts said...

They are just stunning! Just right for the sunshine we are having at the moment x

Mrs A. said...

All of your designs made me smile.
Love the way the colours are so random. Hugs Mrs A.

Titania yng Nghymru said...

hello from a fellow glass painter and also thank you for droppin by!
i like your designs :) the tulips are the best! :) very bubbly colours! the lines are good too!
im no stranger to window art myself :) i used to paint a lot of these pics on acetate, cut them out and put them on my windows. actually i still do it but not as often as i used to.
however ive always been cautious about mounting peel-off paint pictures on my windows as i know they have tendency to melt when exposed for a while to the strong sunshine and they can cling so much to the glass that they rip apart when you try to remove them. make washing your windows a bit of a nightmare. for that reason i prefer to paint on an acetate sheet and stick the cut-out with non permanent sticky dots :) well, anyway, i thought id share this with you :)

looking forward to see some more of your designs