Monday, 4 April 2011

Glass that looks like Marmite

I was asked to make some long earrings with bronze and gold type colours on a background of glass 'the colour of Marmite' that doesn't look buttery when the light shines through.

Seemed easy enough, I ordered some Deep Rose Brown glass and some streaky brown and started to play. I quickly realised that the undesirable 'buttery' effect was not due to the backing glass but in fact as a result of putting clear gold dichroic glass on top that diluted the dark glass.

Once I realised that, I knew there was no way to include gold tints on a clear glass so I cheated (err a work around) and used black backed gold glass interspersed with darker clear glasses to get the hues right.

Here are 3 pairs that I put forward to choose from. My lovely customer has ordered 2 of the 3 (originally she only wanted one pair)

I like the long thin shape, it is tricky to get right in the kiln because there is a lot of little bits of glass carefully balanced on a narrow base so once it starts to heat up it can easily slip.

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