Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My thoughts on Woodburning with Style by Simon Easton

It was many months ago that I first heard Simon Easton was writing a book. At the time it seemed such a distant completion date and such a monumental task that I admired Si's dedication in 'sticking with it'.

For as long as I have been a member of the Crafts Forum I have admired Si's work. So when he asked for ways in which pyrography could be incorporated into other arts and crafts, as well as pictures he could work with, I am sure he was inundated with offers - I certainly stepped forward!

The result is a seriously impressive book. Woodburning with Style is beautiful in its own right and could happily grace any coffee table whether you are into pyrography or not. The presentation style is very accessible, a comprehensive guide for beginners and more experienced pyrographers. Chock full of tips and techniques that walk you through 'how to achieve a look' but not so structured that you would not be able to develop your own style.
After all inspiration is flattering but outright copy catting is unfair and nasty. 

When someone makes a craft look easy it's testament to their skill not that it is easy! Simon manages to impart technical expertise in a way that, if you follow his guidance, you would achieve a pleasing result too. 

On the Craft Forum Simon has always been very generous with his knowledge and this book is no exception. Some authors give you enough to 'be getting on with' but not so much that you feel confident, but Woodburning with Style is not like that, which makes a refreshing change.

Just why am I writing about a book that has nothing to do with glass? Well, Simon kept CF folk posted with his progress along the way and made everyone feel part of his project even though he alone was putting in ALL the legwork while the rest of us ooohed, ahhhed and urged him to keep up the good work!
On top of that, I recognise some of his pieces and it's fun to see familiar names through the book of other virtual friends. There is even an armadillo and that chess board is stunning!

Lastly, a photo of mine made it into Si's book which I am very chuffed about. The step by step project based on the photo is awesome and truly showcases Simon's expertise and willingness to share his skill in 'drawing with fire'.
I am the proud owner of an autographed copy doing my bit to promo the book!
I wish Simon all the success he deserves! Also it's highly recommended that you go and get a copy before they all sell out! Perhaps on Amazon


julietk said...

Just a note to let you know I have been here enjoying a catch up :-)

Linda said...

What a good looking book! Well done too for having a hand in the outcome.