Sunday, 21 February 2010

Organic Cat Fur - Free to a good Home

Not your average fused glass posting but something I have done for a few years now. I have 2 beautiful Persian cats that come Spring time, even though indoor only cats, they shed like there is no tomorrow!
Each time I comb them I have the equivalent of another cat but instead of just throwing their fur in the bin but I collect it and put it out in the trees and bushes for the birds. Valentine in particular has ultra fine fur, like wool which makes him a nightmare to groom as he gets so knotty but is wonderfully soft.I love watching the birds come and pick bits to 'feather' their nests and the predator becomes a source of warmth! Not only have I watched birds collect the fur but when we cleaned out the Blue Tit box in Autumn there was Valentine fur in there!
It's locally grown and harvested from a renewable resource and supplied in biodegradable packaging thus leaving no carbon footprint.
I also shed a lot! All year round, in fact, much to my husbands annoyance! However in Spring I put my hair out with the cat fur!
Admittedly not as soft and cosy as cat fur but I would imagine there are structural uses such as holding a nest together!
As this year has been a particularly cold and wet one I thought that soggy cat fur wouldn't be unlikely to impress Mrs Bird so I have come up with this idea
I hope it works - I will try and get a snapshot!


Caz said...

What a fantastic idea to use the fur, brilliant!!

Judy said...

Terry! Your beautiful glass pendant arrived in today's mail!! And just how did you know that turquoise is my favorite color!?? And I thought that turquoise with the copper bits was so pretty!

Turquoise for the American Southwest.
Copper -- Arizona is known as the Copper State!
Did you do research??!! ((smile))

Thanks so much for the beautiful pendant. I have a turquoise bits necklace that it will look great on!

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

A great purpose for the hair - good idea. Never thought about doing that. Whay do they say - recycle, reuse etc