Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Chameleon is pulling a tongue

I have been asked to make some more glass animals (including a gecko) for a fair I am doing. I love African animals so I went ahead with a chameleon and an elephant.
Here is a view before they went in the kiln. Sorry the photo's are not great as I took them quickly (and without obvious due care) before popping them in to fire.
Unfortunately some glass slipped on the elephant and it now has a bizarre headdress and looks more like a circus elephant so I can't show him until he has been 'modified'.
The chameleon is in better shape. I was going to put him in the kiln again, to rectify this issue but then I had second thoughts and am not sure if he needs any work? He is really chunky and tactile and has more character than if I made him all smooth but it's your opinion I need and will value.
What do you think? All thoughts, comments, criticisms, opinions welcome!

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