Monday, 14 September 2009

PMC first attempts..... in at the deep end

There are many beautiful things made by clever and artistic people using PMC Clay.
I also enjoy learning new skills so I put myself on a PMC course. One of my biggest downfalls is that I am interested in so many different crafts that I never really concentrate on one. The exception to this has been glass, it is one craft that I have really stuck to over a few years now and still get a thrill creating lovely glass items.
However PMC has caught my attention and I have loads of ideas milling about. I have to acquire sufficient tools of the trade though and I am going to need to involve the Assay Office if I want to sell anything over 7.9g.
If there is any business to be in, it is that of the Assay Office - they are the only official method of getting your work stamped and prices are not for the faint hearted!
With all this in mind I also have a specific area I wish to work in and that is creating jewellery with Biblical blessings written in Hebrew.
So this is the task I set myself....... to make PMC dress rings, in a foreign language with 'stand out' writing rather than impressed characters. It really should be called 'How to jump in at the very deep end'.
The task is achievable if you have already mastered PMC and are able to make photopolymer plates, but as a beginner it is probably a step too far.
Nevertheless I am undeterred and this remains a goal. However I am going to start with pendants, earrings and cufflinks for which I have loads of ideas.
Here are my first attempts......
The one on the left I didn't make but did create the photopolymer plate with the blessing on it - I am really impressed with how fine the writing has turned out. A ring like this with detailed sides could be oxidised to really show up the lettering.
On the right is my work, it is much more chunky and heavy although will need to be bashed to make more even edges and of course they both need to be tumbled to be super shiny!

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