Monday, 15 December 2008

Should you move home in December?

Well I think not, we originally were given end Oct as a prelim date.
I was happy with that as I would be 'moved' and then doing craft fairs and then doing Christmas all in an orderly fashion.... Ahhh but things were not to be so sedate and we find ourselves, now moved, into an incomplete house with 3 rooms totally unusable - one of them being the dining room!
Builders are very skilled at creating inordinate amounts of dust and shrapnel that defy any amount of hoovering.
My cats took it all rather well despite being the proverbial scaredy cats. They were locked in one room for 2 days with all their familiar things and then allowed to explore. They had very worried eyes and moved around on their tummies a lot.
Valentine is no longer a beautiful blue and white Persian. Having a beautiful feather dusterlike tail he has managed to collect a significant amount of red brick dust and is now beige and in desperate need of a trip to the groomer.
On the plus side cos every cloud has a silver lining..... although no crafting has been done I will, in the very near future, have my very own craft room. This means I can get down to some serious work in the New Year and add loads to my website. I look forward to showing you my work soon xxx

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Caz said...

We were due to move house & the date was changed to the date our baby was due. Needless to say we postponed for a month! (The move not the baby!!)