Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hama Bead Chanukah Star Decorations

I bought a small children's craft kit from Kosher Kingdom that consisted of a Star of David Hama Bead Board and a few colourful hama beads enough to make one star.
I made up the kit and then thought it would be fun to make some star decorations for our home using the traditional blue and white theme.
I ordered Hama beads in Dark Blue, Light Blue, Silver, White and Pearl and set about making my stars. At a festive 'craft for kids course' at the local school, aimed at helping children be creative, I took my stars in for the group to see as one of the weeks was showcasing Chanukah. As we do not live in a Jewish area this was an opportunity to educate others about the significance of Chanukah and why we observe it. 
My goal was to share about Chanukah and show some of the items I made for my own home. These were very well received and although I had no intention of selling them I was asked if people could place orders. I agreed and landed up with many orders and a sudden shortage of Hama Beads! I left a bead out of each star to allow for a ribbon to be pulled through to make them easy to hang.
Here are some of the patterns I came up with - Hope you like them!

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Carolee Crafts said...

These are stunning and not surprised the flew off the shelves.